Penta-Cool WM 100

Classic drilling emulsion, universally applicable, for all cutting operations


Penta-Cool WM 410

Universal cooling lubricant for all cutting operations on automatic tool machines (turning, drilling, sawing, milling)


Penta-Cool WM 430

Cooling and lubricating agent for general operations like turning, milling, drilling, suited for grinding operations in particular


Penta-Cool WM 440

Universal coolant for cutting operations, also on automatic tool machines


Penta-Cool WM 600

Use for all cutting operations of ferrous and aluminium materials, limited suitability for grinding


Penta-Cool WM 650

Universal coolant for all cutting-processes, suited for copper, copper alloys, aluminium and further metals, special emulsion for non-ferrous metals


Penta-Cool WM 910

Universal coolant based on innovative emulsifier system for highest stability and longest operating times, suited for all metal cutting processes such as sawing, milling or drilling of iron- and steel materials, grey cast iron, aluminium and copper


Penta-Cool WMS 840

Universal coolant for all cutting processes


Penta-Cool WS 210, WS 250

Mineral oil free and nitrite-free, water soluble coolant concentrate for grinding hard metal and ferrous materials, not suited for aluminium and non-ferrous metals