Anti-Corrosion Spray KO 6-F

Solvent-containing, multi-functional anti-corrosion fluid for the temporary protection of metallic surfaces, for tools, rabbets and welds, water-displacing, good penetrating properties

specification and approvals for
KO 6 F: V20 ≈ 5.5 mm²/s


Multifunctional Spray

Versatile aid for industry, vehicles and household based on mineral oil, graphite and oleic acid ester, lubricates all mechanical components, universal application,
temperature range: -40 up to +90 °C


Creeping Oil Spray

Water displacing anti-corrosion fluid for metallic surfaces, for chinks and welds, tools as well as do-it-yourself equipment

specification and approvals for
KRIECHÖL: V20 ca. 3,4 mm²/s


Precision Mechanics Oil Spray XF 12

Special oil for the lubrication of precision devices (sewing machines, bicycles, industrial measuring tools etc)

specification and approvals for
FEINMECHANIKÖL XF 12: V40 ca. 12 mm²/s


Pole protection spray

For the maintenance and protection of battery poles, terminals, battery holder and earth connections. Based on mineral oil, selected additives and an organic solvent. Efficient protection against corrosion, prevents leakage current as well as voltage lost and extends lifetime of battery.


Weapon Oil W 18 Spray

Fully-synthetic oil for the lubrication, preservation and cleaning of weapons systems; applicable within the temperature range from -55 °C up to +150 °C

specification and approvals for
WAFFENÖL W 18: Bundeswehr TL 9150-0078/1 (BW-Code OY 1045); NATO-Code S-761; V40 ca 18 mm²/s