Chain Adhesive Spray

Semi-synthetic adhesive chain spray for extreme conditions and high centrifugal forces, suitable for heavy loaded chains of motorbikes and fast running chains in industry
temperature range: -30 up to +130 °C


Chain Lube XHT 50, XHT 250, XHT 3000 Spray

Fully synthetic high-temperature oils for the lubrication of thermally heavy loaded conveyor and driving chains as well as sliding pairings in high-temperature applications, suited for varnish lines, textile industry, manufacturing of glass and insulating material;
useable up to +250 °C

specification and approvals for
CHAIN LUBE XHT 50: V40 = 53 mm²/s; erfüllt/fulfils: DIN 51517/3 (CLP)
CHAIN LUBE XHT 250: V40 = 260 mm²/s; erfüllt/fulfils: DIN 51517/3 (CLP); Brückner; Krones
CHAIN LUBE XHT 3000: V40 = 3200 mm²/s; erfüllt/fulfils: DIN 51517/3 (CLP); Lingl