PTFE Sliding Varnish Spray

Physiologically harmless universal sliding and release agent based on polytetrafluoroethylene, for door hinges, locks, sliding rails, conveyor belts, sealings, cables, ropes and much more, chemically resistant, universal application 
temperature range -70 up to +250 °C


Silicone Spray

Universal sliding and separating agent for surfaces of plastics, rubber and metal, good resistance against salt water, water vapour, sulphuric acid, diluted acids and lyes, application in vehicle construction, electrical industry, general engineering, glass manufacturing etc.,
temperature range: -50 up to + 250 °C


Welding Protection Spray

Silicone-free release agent for welding operations, ideal for low- to high-alloy steels and aluminium, 
temperature range: +15 up to +25 °C


Electro-Contact Spray

Silicone- and chlorine-free spray based on mineral oil for cleaning and maintaining electrical contacts and components, dissolves greases, oils and damp dirt